hello my friends out there. today i want to share a new covert art from the recent radio play called “the fraktal”. This is the actual released version of cover number eight.

In the radio play there is this deadly bug, which can kill people in just seconds. So, the goal was to create a cover which shows the (excuse me for the word) beauty of the creature and on the other hand, the deadly danger. Another aspect i had to keep in mind was the royalty aspect. As the bug is the number one serial killer in the monarchy of the foreign country, the cover must transmit something glory and majesty looking kind of thing.

I used “cinema 4d” for modelling and scene setup. For the render engine i used “octane” and finally “adobe after effects” for post production.

I hope you like it and feel free to look around at the cover art portfolio if you are interested in these kinds of renders.


cheers neo

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