heyho my dear visitors,

yap it´s been a while and now finally a new post. My first post in 2020! Shame on me i know:-)
But my last project was such a overdose project with such time and content pressure. I was not able to update my site for the whole time of the project. Nevertheless, now i am back in my living-room and i brought you a little render of my last project.

The project was all about vr and e-learning. No doubt if you are talking about the costs, when it comes to learning projects for an airline, they are enormous. You must block a whole plane and all the humans have to come to the hangar to fulfil their certain specification exercises.

the solution is quite simple: Virtual Reality!

So, my part was modeling all the stuff you need for these kind of safety exercises and the whole hangar itself. Now the airline members can fulfill their exercises simply by going in vr and playing their kind of needed actions. I am sure this is just the beginning we are talking about right now when it comes to virtual reality gamification and business. It is no more only a kind of playground for gamers, than a professional place for different companies.

Have you made similar experiences in your workflow? I would be interested in your comments…

yours neo!

Composting: Maxon Cinema 4d
Render: Otoy Octane 4
Postproduction: Adobe After Effects
Postproduction: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite

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