Hi everybody in space!

Time for some new stuff of my sci-fi series. This time I made a quick setup in Cinema4D and built a kind of small interior of a spaceship.
My goal was to lighten the scene mainly with material emissions. I really like to see the render results only with emission lights. I made some interesting setups in the automotive section with a sportscar.

For the space setup I made one floor with the camera at the one end and two floors turning right and left at the other side.

But for now back to this setup. As you can see, I made some extruding polys on the floor. At the bottom of these polys I made some selections with an emission material on them.
The results were not enough for lightning the room. I decided to enhance the brightness with some tiny cylinders at the top corners of the room.
These cylinders are small, but indeed long.

The results were better but for real enhancement I decided to cut a window at the end of the room.

Outside of the room just in front of the window I placed a plane. The plane got another emission material. This time I made a texture emission with a shot of my last aftereffects project for cover design.

The emission of the plane is useful to brighten the interior. After I changed the material of the room to a glossier material, I got some real nice reflections and some more light. Nevertheless, I did place 2 small lights in each of the small corridors turning left and right at the end of the room.

Rendering one test after the other I thought to myself that this kind of window in space has to have a kind of protective shield to gain some more effects.
In order to achieve that I extruded the window first inner and then a small amount outside. After that I got some small polygons looping around the window, which I selected in order to give this selection another red emission material.
Now there is a small shine of red emission around the window but the look of a protective shield like we all know from tv or film is much stronger than that.

I thought about how to achieve a more shiny shield look and I came up with the idea of the volumetric kind of fog system.
So I made a small volume covering the window. The volume extends a bit inner and out of the window. Tweaking with the details of the system finally I got what I was looking for.

I made some photoshop to compare renders and screenshots. Hope you like it.

And if you want to do me a favor I really like comments from you out there, so feel free to add your thoughts.




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  1. John says:

    Wow! Really well written and the end result is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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