Filling up the tank of fantasy..

Hey ho everybody i know these days are a little bit weird (#coronavirus), but I think we should take the given pause in business as a kind of breathtaking time.
Coming closer with the family for example or doing more of your own things than always customer wishes.
We being artists are able to use these times for education as well. We can learn stuff or trying out new techniques for example.

Well, for me personal I made this little comparing piece of architecture design. O.K. you may say “man it´s a bathroom what”, but I tried to take one shot in 3 lightning setups.

The first daylight setup is to be taken at noon I guess, when the sun is straight up and shining directly from top to bottom.

The second is made to be at the evening, when the sun is about to disappear and covering everything in these warm, yellow kind of color. You can see the shadows which are quite long.

The last one is at night, when a big kind of spotlight is coming through the windows.
Perhaps it is just a car, which is parking in front of the house, or maybe it is an alien ship, landing in the front yard of the house ?

Well you see for me I use this quiet time to play with my imagination and fantasy. I think we as the artists out there sometimes are working only the stuff for our customers but we also should refer to our own fantasy for some moments, to fill up our third eye.


So I guess this is enough spiritual stuff from me and I wish you and your families outr there all the best…



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