1. June 2020

Filling up the tank of fantasy..

30. January 2019

Creating cover art

Hey everybody, this time i want to share a new portfolio category with you. The portfolio category is called “cover art” and is all about me producing cover art for the music industry. Like i wrote in another post at the moment i work for Gigaphon Entertainment which is publishing the audio play “Fraktal” besides other great stuff.I want to start with a audio play called “Fraktal” and it is all about kind of science fiction. Space ships, planets, universe and a bunch of interesting characters are involved in this audio play. Famous German voice-players do their best to give this piece a unique and great content. My order is to build the covers of the audio plays from episode 6 to 10. Unfortunately, i cannot write everything about it because i am working now on episode 8 but last weeks it was episode 6 which was released first. And […]
15. September 2018

Freedom of your fantasy

These are some frames of my fantasy city made from paper. The concept is to model things you want to place in a city, which do have the look of paper. First you have to model the cars or houses or bikes or whatever you like with the splines and then you just ad some small thikness. You have to take care about the lighting as the light kind of shines through the paper. This is of course because the paper is so thin. It is quite fun just to think about new thinks you want to place in your fantasy city. This is why the city from time to time keeps growing and growing.  Hope you like the frames of the city… neo…