neo3d brand

Andreas Jablonski

3d artist

Andreas Jablonski is creative director at neo3d art and head of art.
further education is a road, seldom traveled by the multitude.
  • 2019neo3d art work

    Located in Flensburg (Germany) i am working as a 3D Artist at Neox Studios which owns the brand neo3d and neo3d-art. I am specialized in 3D work for industrial motion design, automotive design and vr-technology. Character rigging and motion screen design is a big part of my daily work as well.
  • 2018neox studios

    Establishing the brand neo3d for Neox Studios. Successfully completed the octane master course of John Burdock from Epic J Creations. First inquiry from Paddy Driscoll (CNN New York).
  • 2017award winning

    CEO at new Neox Studios established in Germany, Working on fluid systems and unity3d projects like the real sports manager. the software was mentioned in the German press all over the country. Winning the official Sepp-Herberger award in the category soccer digital.
  • 2016animation fundamentals

    Working for grauvell (spain) in order to create some of their products in 3DArt. Working on projects concerning GSG (Greyscalegorilla) with David Campbell from Chicago. Successfully completed the ANIMATION FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING of Creative Director, Animation Professor and Designer David Brodeur.
  • 2009-2015nox systems

    Working as CEO for Nox Systems in the main services for web development and 3DArt. Starting with Cinema 4d and 3DS Max.
  • 2002-2008it fabrik

    Working as CEO for the hard- and software super store IT Fabrik in Hamburg and Flensburg. Responsible for 20 Employees.
  • 2000-2002consultation work

    Working as a senior it consultant at DBFI (Deutsche Beratungsgesellschaft für Informationstechnologie). Specialized in document management systems and customer relationship management software. Working on projects in Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Scandinavia.
  • 2000graduated as itse

    Graduated as first class of "information and technical assistants system engineering technician”

my skills


years of experience




motion films


days a week


    • cinema 4d physical80%
    • cinema 4d pro75%
    • otoy octane98%
    • arnolde70%
    • redshift90%


    • cinema 4d98%
    • x-particles91%
    • turbulance FD80%
    • adobe after effects68%
    • unity 3d55%
    • substance painter95%
    • forester92%
    • GSG suite80%
    • videocopilot55%
    • realflow50%


    • german100%
    • english94%
    • danish60%

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