Cover Art

Hey mates out there this is neo again. Today I want to share an art work with you, that come from my cover art project, but did not make it through the finals )
Here is the first art work:
Nevertheless, I think it is worth sharing it with you. There is this concept behind the scene which is about to show a kind of landscape with a kind of fence in the middle of it. One side is the good side and the other side is the dangerous side with creatures and stuff.
The fence is a kind of energy fence and I used some science fiction style on it. On the other hand, there is this beautiful landscape showing you some wonderful trees and the sharp contrasted grass.
I used some great textures for the ground from “RD Textures”. These textures are amazing and the support of the guys and girls behind it are fast and very kindly.
The textures are scanned and amazing if you crank up the displacement channel. The results are very realistic, and I really recommend them. The grass and the trees are made with forester and I had some good conversations with them as well. Shout out to 3dquakers 3DQUAKERS at this point.
And finally a big shout out to John Burdok and his “Octane master course”, which pushed my level of understanding octane a lot. Thanks, mate, for your outstanding course. My kind of “octane bible!

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