3. April 2019

Hard surfaces week 2

Hi everyone, new post after a few weeks i know. But i am in the middle of a new project, a new cover art and a new course. For today i want to share my course results from last week. It is the course from Mario of elementza.com. Goal is learning advanced modelling techniques with hard surface objects. It is a technique where you learn to understand polygon flows and surface behaviour. I like it a lot and learned many crazy new stuff. The first week was very important too and very theoretically. The course is available at elementza and is is called “COMPLETE GUIDE TO HARD SURFACE 3D MODELING” I hardly recommand to take a look at it.  
6. March 2019

new episode “Fraktal”

Hey everybody, just want to show you my newest release of cover art. It is from “Fraktal” and on top of episode number 7. this time the customer wanted to have a created scene, where the is a kind of technical fence which divides the terrain in two parts. the first part is the safe part and on the other side, there is the monster character of the episode. the customer did not want to show much about the monster but the danger and the viewer has to fear the scenery at the other side of the fence. In order to design the fence kind of technical, I used big parts of steel and glossy textures. the glossiness shows the clean and technical side of the scenery. of course, the alarm lights in red must be there as well. hope you like the piece and I am looking forward showing […]
18. February 2019

Comparing ages

Hey Ho folks out there, it is me neo from neo3d art. In this post i will talk about the difference between one object in the same scene with the same light setup but… with different textures. We compare a simple clock. (Background of the story) I found this clock the other day in a forgotten box. The clock is almost 60 years of age and of course not that shiny anymore as it was back in the days. I did start to think … “What did it probably look like in the old days… new shiny and ready to be shipped… ?” Then i was wondering how it probably would look, if it was not hidden for years in that box but somewhere outside. Getting scratches and damages all these years. Wouldn’t it be cool to see both models compared to each other? That was the point when I […]
30. January 2019

Creating cover art

Hey everybody, this time i want to share a new portfolio category with you. The portfolio category is called “cover art” and is all about me producing cover art for the music industry. Like i wrote in another post at the moment i work for Gigaphon Entertainment which is publishing the audio play “Fraktal” besides other great stuff.I want to start with a audio play called “Fraktal” and it is all about kind of science fiction. Space ships, planets, universe and a bunch of interesting characters are involved in this audio play. Famous German voice-players do their best to give this piece a unique and great content. My order is to build the covers of the audio plays from episode 6 to 10. Unfortunately, i cannot write everything about it because i am working now on episode 8 but last weeks it was episode 6 which was released first. And […]