20. January 2019

Cover Art “the forest”

Hey mates out there this is neo again. Today I want to share an art work with you, that come from my cover art project, but did not make it through the finals ☹) Here is the first art work: https://neo3d.eu/my-first-official-cd-dvd-cover-art/ Nevertheless, I think it is worth sharing it with you. There is this concept behind the scene which is about to show a kind of landscape with a kind of fence in the middle of it. One side is the good side and the other side is the dangerous side with creatures and stuff. The fence is a kind of energy fence and I used some science fiction style on it. On the other hand, there is this beautiful landscape showing you some wonderful trees and the sharp contrasted grass. I used some great textures for the ground from “RD Textures”. 3DVisual.at These textures are amazing and the support […]
10. January 2019

My first official CD/DVD Cover Art

Hello mates and sorry to be so often away these days. I hope everybody had a good start in the year 2019. For me it is a very exiting start because of my first official Cover Art for a german science fiction radioplay. It is called “Fraktal” and i am talking about episode number 6 and right now i am about to finish episode number 7. I will show you the work as soon as possible but as to legimitations of the customer i have to wait with posting or showing any work until the official date of releasing the episode. This radioplay is all about science fiction and my goal was to build a scenery with one big planet called “Kintaru” which has a global lightning shield and his two moons. On top of that i had to build the view of a spacecommander reaching Kintaru looking full of […]
4. December 2018

Clock Design with new Volume Builder Generator in C4D

So finally, a bit late but here it is. First small sneak view of my first model, created by using the new volume Builder generator in C4D R20. I must admit I am not ready but hey this is a first sneak… I found the new technique very interesting and of course a big step forward. I enclosed several parametric objects and added them, subtracted them, made holes in it and again and again. Once cinema calculated everything (voxel size!) the editor view still is fast as hell. My Octane feedback as well so I can say „Great new enhancement Maxon!”
24. November 2018

Texturing with the New Volume Builder Generator in C4D

Hey everybody I know it has been a while since my last post, but the reason for this is on the one hand a cold I had which struggled myself for at least two weeks, and on the other hand my first steps to the new R20 version of cinema 4d. It is always the point, that there is this time, when you know it is necessary to open the next door. In our case of cause the new version of cinema. There are major updates in this new version and the first ones really blew my mind. Using the new fields is as fascinating as using the new “Volume Builder Generator“. This is super-fast modeling while adding or subtracting one object with another. And when I say super-fast, everybody knows what I mean who worked with the bool object in the past. You are using 4 or 5 bool […]