Another shot directly without filter

I am honestly amazed, what nowerdays render like my octane render are able to produce, when you just play with 3 things.

  1. Specular
  2. Light
  3. Colour

Like i mentioned in my older article.”Always filter?” this setup is completly without any lights than the emission neon lights from the surrounding logos.
For the specular i used the high polish black material on the “bugatti chiron” which let the light bounce several times and give this interesting mirror effect of the logos.
I also decided to add another color, which is a kind of opposite of the harmoniously play between this black, neon white and blueish. As you can see i decided to make the brake disc in this high glossy red. This gives an effect of catching the eye for the viewers. And still no filter usage at all. What are your thoughts or experiences with setups like this? Leave a comment!

cheers neo3d

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