30. January 2019

Creating cover art

Hey everybody, this time i want to share a new portfolio category with you. The portfolio category is called “cover art” and is all about me producing cover art for the music industry. Like i wrote in another post at the moment i work for Gigaphon Entertainment which is publishing the audio play “Fraktal” besides other great stuff.I want to start with a audio play called “Fraktal” and it is all about kind of science fiction. Space ships, planets, universe and a bunch of interesting characters are involved in this audio play. Famous German voice-players do their best to give this piece a unique and great content. My order is to build the covers of the audio plays from episode 6 to 10. Unfortunately, i cannot write everything about it because i am working now on episode 8 but last weeks it was episode 6 which was released first. And […]
10. January 2019

My first official CD/DVD Cover Art

Hello mates and sorry to be so often away these days. I hope everybody had a good start in the year 2019. For me it is a very exiting start because of my first official Cover Art for a german science fiction radioplay. It is called “Fraktal” and i am talking about episode number 6 and right now i am about to finish episode number 7. I will show you the work as soon as possible but as to legimitations of the customer i have to wait with posting or showing any work until the official date of releasing the episode. This radioplay is all about science fiction and my goal was to build a scenery with one big planet called “Kintaru” which has a global lightning shield and his two moons. On top of that i had to build the view of a spacecommander reaching Kintaru looking full of […]