17. July 2018

Welcome to my 3D Artist site

Hi and a warm welcome to my website neo3d. First of all i would like to explain to you, how it comes me calling myself neo. In the year 2016 i took the animation fundamentals training course from David Brodeur at the guys from greyscalegorilla in chicago. David Brodeur is an award winning Creative Director, Animation Professor and Designer. I am proud still staying in touch with him since these days. I learnt a lot about Walt Disney and his animation fundamentals, which still are the holy bible for an animation artist. Also Nick Campbell from GSG and all the mates from GSG Connect still are present in my every day slack living room. Now you asking what this has to do with my name “neo”? Well at this time all the mates in the class and David called me neo because of me working for “Neox Studios“. There you […]